Mosko Moto a company formed in 2013 that has grown exponentially by listening to the inmates of ADVrider and riders worldwide for their wants and needs of everything luggage related and recently riding gear as well.

From the beginning they have been running their business as an open book and when requests for changes in gear come in they listen very closely so not to restrict themselves to one style or color.

Last year, Mosko did a small run of a color variety away from their familiar ‘grays and blacks’, the test was with orange which was accepted very openly, of course by the KTM community…but riders who have motorcycles from other brands asked the question…”what about us?”

Instead of jumping into luggage variates in every color of the rainbow they simply looked for a color way that would suit adventure riders…enter stage left, their Woodland Collection.



This will now be a permanent addition to the Mosko Moto line up of luggage and it is released for sale today (Novmber 17th, 2021) and stock is on hand, but how much stock I hear you say?

My insider info tells me –

“Stock numbers are strong, but demand is already showing and, they are changing even as we speak, but we do have a substantial amount ready to ship today.”


Offered in Woodland:

So if you are in the market for new luggage or want to update what you have get on the Mosko website ASAP

Website –

Instagram – moskomoto


Below is a selection of images of some of the collection in use.

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