Mosko Moto, always innovating, and never resting on their laurels.

The crew is here having a good time talking to customers, listening to feedback, taking notes, showing changes and updates on their complete line. Some of these were ideas of attendees/ inmates, happy to see new innovations.

In short, the Mosko line up is ever-changing for the better, other companies try to keep up but they will always be a step or two behind.

Mosko is a company that inmates have had an incredible influence on what they produce, all the information is an open book.

The flagship piece of luggage, Backcountry Panniers V 2.0, which Mosko has made great sales with. You would expect a set up like to just stay as it is.

Not from Mosko, riders suggested a few features they’d like to see, most mentioned with soft luggage is security. So as innovators they had added to the design to have a way to make your new Backcountry Panniers be locked down and probably be more secure than an aluminum pannier to gain access to.

The design change is subtle but extremely effective, riders are filling their booth and there is a lot of nodding and smiling as Pete, Ash and the crew explains what the changes are.

If you are in the market for luggage, and open to any type, a stop by the IMS show or one of their Mosko Meets up would be a good idea and certainly help you to leave more informed about luggage option for literally any sized bike.

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