Around 6 years ago the company Mosko Moto burst on the scene, they used the inmates on ADVrider to help with their designs, to learn riders needs and wants.

Mosko has the most read thread in the vendor section for a reason, they WANT interaction from riders to help with ideas, and correct anything that doesn’t work and make changes where necessary.

One thing you might notice about Mosko Moto, is it doesn’t say ‘luggage’ in their name. The tag line Tough Gear. Hard Travel now has an additional meaning.

At this week’s Overland Expo they are displaying their new range of Adventure Riding Gear.

Pete is doing full talks about the new material they are using ‘eVent’ for a few very good reasons, actually better waterproofing than Goretex with better breathability

What they are displaying and you might want to check out if you are in the market for new gear is their jacket and pants. The jacket is very technical but not over the top, just the pockets you need them, high abrasion material in the impact areas, and lightweight so creating a smaller pack size than comparable gear already on the market that has been ‘over-engineered’.

The emphasis they are making with this gear is for you to use standalone amour under this; compression suits, knee braces, think MX gear as your base layers

Their booth as expected is very busy and high energy

Go to the Moko Blog and subscribed, the gear is mentioned here and will be spoken about in more depth in the blog in later posts, but also subscribe to the thread in the vendor section here on ADVrider and speak your mind, tell them what YOU would like to see in gear YOU want to buy…be part of the design team!



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