Respected motorcycle/car writer Davey Johnson has gone missing in California, disappearing in the middle of last week while riding a press bike.

Johnson, who’s written for Car & Driver, Jalopnik and other publications, has been missing since 2 AM Wednesday, when he texted a friend as he traveled through California’s Calaveras County. He was planning to ride the Sonora Pass towards Sacramento, but never arrived.

Authorities have been searching for him in the days since, and have located the motorcycle he was riding, a Honda CB1000R loaner, at a rest stop on Rt. 49, near Mokelumne Hill.  Since then, they’ve also located his laptop computer, cellphone and clothes, but not his wallet, and not Johnson himself. The items were discovered near a river in the area. On Wednesday, Johnson had texted a friend a photo of that river.

Sunday, search-and-rescue crews were scouring the area with boats, ground crews and air support, but so far, there’s been no more news.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office has its official Missing Persons report here, but there’s little information. Jalopnik has a write-up here, but it doesn’t really contain any more information either, at this time.

If you’re in the area, please keep an eye out for Johnson. He’s 5’10”, about 210 lbs, age 44.

However, according to a Facebook post from the National Center For Missing and Endangered:

“The authorities have asked all personnel to vacate the area who don’t have specialized EMT or Search and Rescue training as they don’t wish to cause a secondary Search and Rescue operation and take away from the search for Johnson.

We are asking anyone who’s in the area of Amador County to please keep an eye out for anything that could indicate his last known location within the area or if anyone has any information as to his whereabouts, to please contact the Amador County Sherriff’s Office (209-223-6500), the Calaveras Sheriff’s Department (209-754-6500), or the Jackson Police Department (209-223-1771).”

In other words, don’t go to the area and make life more difficult for the searchers.

Johnson’s friends are also asking that if anyone has any info on his cellphone carrier and/or banking/credit card details, please contact @abigailbassett on Instagram, to help the Sheriff determine if the cards have been used.

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