What are your essentials for moto camping? Back when I was riding around South America in 2013-2014, I only had very basic camping gear consisting of a cheapo supermarket tent, cheap, bulky sleeping bag, and a pillow made out of a rolled-up jacket. It worked just fine, cost less $100 in total, and did its job. I’ve added several items to my bedroom pannier since, however, and it’s made a big difference in comfort – and safety. Here’s what I carry now in addition to a tent and a sleeping bag:

Sleeping pad

It seems insignificant, but a GOOD sleeping pad can make a huge difference, especially when it’s cold. It makes sleeping on the ground much warmer and much more comfortable – no more tree roots and rocks digging into your back. I’ve also added a tiny inflatable pillow for extra comfort; it only takes up pocket-sized space and fits into the compression sleeve of the sleeping bag.

Mosquito net or repellent

If your tent doesn’t have a mosquito net, carry insect repellent. I got dengue fever in 2014 because I slept in a basic tent which had no protection from bugs; it’s no fun, trust me.

Essential oils

Yes, I’m the crazy essential oil lady, but it’s pretty amazing what those tiny, aromatic oils can do. Tea tree and peppermint are great for getting rid of boot odor, as well as for disinfecting small cuts and wounds (tea tree) and cooling and refreshing your drinking water (peppermint). Lemon essential oil is great for adding flavor to your meals and water as well as disinfecting dishes and cutlery. Lemongrass is fantastic for repelling insects and treating bug bites; thyme and oregano work great when it’s cold and wet and you’re on the verge of getting flu; fennel and ginger are amazing for digestion when you’ve eaten something weird.

For more essential oils suggestions, check out world travelers Simon and Lisa Thomas’ page.

What are your moto camping essentials you couldn’t do without? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image: Pixabay

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