Most people don’t associate Harley-Davidson engines with off-road bikes.  But that didn’t stop Jim Carducci from designing and building a dual-sport machine with a Harley-Davidson V-Twin as its powerplant.  And the product of his expertise is the SC3 Gera Baja.

Carducci is a custom motorcycle builder.  But he’s not an “ordinary” backyard mechanic.  His background in aerospace and semi-conductor engineering sets him apart from your run of the mill custom designer.

The current SC3 Gera Baja takes its name from the 2016 Baja Ironman Champion, Tony Gera.  And the bike also benefits from Gera’s expert development inputs and product testing.

machined billet components

Beautiful craftsmanship found on the SC3 Gera Baja.


SC3 Gera Baja

The result of the pair’s collaboration is an unusual but interesting machine.  The bike uses a Harley-Davidson Sportster engine, which has been bored out to 1275cc and now makes over 100 horsepower.  Pictures from Carducci Dual Sport’s website also show the bike with Öhlins components, both front and rear.

Complementing this setup is a host of other high spec components such as a CDS billet aluminum swingarm, Berringer brakes both front and rear, a 21-inch front, and an 18-inch rear wheel setup by Woody’s Wheel Works, and a hand-built 2-into-1 header mated to a LeoVince exhaust can.


Dual Ohlins shocks.

The bike also features nice to haves such as a custom Corbin seat, in-house machined foot controls, a skid plate, and a five-gallon fuel tank.  All up, the SC3 Gera weighs in at about 435 pounds dry.

Rights for sale

Interestingly, if you like the SC3 Gera Baja and would like to become a motorcycle manufacturer overnight, you can now purchase the rights to all of the parts that Carducci Dual Sport has designed.  According to ADVPulse, you will get the rights to all the Carducci created pieces, including detailed 2D and 3D drawings and models for those parts and the complete bike.

You’ll also receive the complete BOM (bill of materials), assembly instructions, exclusive use of the SC3 Gera Baja patent, and the right to manufacture everything that Carducci will transfer to you.  Ultimately, if you decide to purchase the Carducci products, you’ll have the design, manufacturing information, and the rights to sell the SC3 Gera Baja.

Billet swingarm with Beringer brakes.

The price for all this “goodness” is $150,000.  If you’d also like to purchase the SC3 Gera Baja CB#1, it will set you back an additional $48,000.  Then, you would have the first controlled build SC3 Gera Baja that Carducci made using the CAD models, drawings, and BOM that you have purchased.

If you’d like more information about the sale, or about the SC3 Gera Baja, visit Carducci Dual Sport’s website.



All photo credit:  Carducci Dual Sport

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