A group of European police officers is traveling to South America on their bikes.  Moto for Peace is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by Italian police officers.  It aims to spread the knowledge of varied world cultures so people can live in peace and harmony.

Moto For Peace Police Officers

The Moto For Peace police officers travel the world to offer and provide support.

The group’s charter is to travel the world to promote the values of solidarity, friendship, and cultural exchange.  They also contribute to educational, healthcare, and sanitation projects while traveling on their machines.

With that objective in mind, the organization participates in setting up development projects throughout the world.  They believe that by making society aware of some world issues, they can collect the funds necessary for the development of social programs.  Since its inception, Moto for Peace has grown to include active police officers from Spain, Germany, and other European countries.

Moto For Peace Police Officers

Moto For Peace’s route for 2020.

Previous efforts saw the officers donating motorcycles to doctors in rural Nepal, raising money for water purification in Ethiopia, providing medical aid in different African countries, and participating in the construction of an orphanage in Bolivia.

For this journey, a team of 16 Italian, German and Spanish police departed for Chile on January 29th.  This trek will take the officers to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru.

Moto For Peace Police Officers

The places where Moto For Peace has been are shown in pink.

With a route of over 8,700 miles, the police are visiting communities where there is poverty, lack of resources, and social instability.  Since their arrival in Chile, Moto For Peace has already visited homes for the elderly as well as orphans in three different cities.

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