With Covid (hopefully) waning and riders itching to get out on the road (and dirt) this summer and fall, Italian motorcycle maker Moto Guzzi is offering three pre-planned, multi-day “Experience” ride events in the United States for the first time after offering similar curated journeys in Europe and other international locales.

The first Moto Guzzi Experience ride in the States takes place across nearly 600 miles of Big Sky country in Montana and Wyoming, kicking off September 9th in Bozeman, Montana, and wrapping up Sept. 12th back in Bozeman by way of Yellowstone. Lots of spots among all that open space will be explored, per the planned route.

The second chapter will appeal to East Coast and Southern riders with a 700-mile Ozarks-themed loop beginning in Memphis on Sept. 23rd and wrapping up back in the music city on the 26th. Mirror Lake, Dardanelle, Mt. Magazine, Quachite National Forest, Little Rock, Ark., and Hope Springs are on the list of stops.

Left Coast lovers can sign up for a nearly 900 mile California cruise that kicks off in Santa Monica on October 7 and rolls through Los Padres National forest, hits some dirt roads out on the Carrizo Plain, and doesn’t forget icons like Highway 1, Angels Crest and metro areas like Santa Barbara before returning to Santa Monica on Oct. 10th.

Prices vary depending on if Guzzi supplies the bike ($2,500), you bring your own ride ($1,500) and if you bring a passenger (+$1,000). The prices do include all food and lodging, plus insurance and gasoline if you borrow a Guzzi. You’re on your own for gas if you bring your own bike. Tips and personal expenses are on your dime, as are any travel expenses incur getting to the ride itself.

Expensive? Well, maybe, or maybe not, considering the costs of hotels, food, gas and so on these days. Besides, you’re probably still sitting on all that Covid Cash you didn’t spend while hunkered down, so now’s your chance to get out there, get riding and check out some sweet Guzzi hardware, like the burly V85TT. Get all the details and book a spot here.

Moto Guzzi will apply Experience costs to the price of a new bike if you decide to follow through on a motorcycle purchase.

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