Moto Guzzi continues to develop machines around its updated oil-cooled V-twin, with new evidence of a 100th anniversary sport touring model. Supposedly, this machine will be called the V100.

The news comes as Italian bike mag has run photos of the alleged new bike, including fuzzy Bigfoot-style shots of the bike in the middle of a photo shoot. You can see all the spy shots at’s story here.

It’s perfectly logical for Guzzi to develop such a machine, as sport-tourers have always been important to the brand. Currently, Moto Guzzi doesn’t sell anything like this, though. The lineup is all retros, cruisers, standards or adventure bikes.

It’s even more logical that we’d see this machine this summer, as Moto Guzzi is on a push to celebrate its centenary. To commemorate 100 years of bike production, Moto Guzzi has already released special-edition bikes; however, those were just re-painted versions of pre-existing models. An all-new machine would be much more reason to celebrate, particularly if it was a cool retro bike, which is what this sport tourer seems to be.

Indeed, the days of the “retro” sport bike are upon us! While Nostalgia and Performance have long been assumed to be natural enemies, the Italian motorcycle industry is starting to build bikes that combine modern go-fast bits with aesthetics that recall the glory days of the 1980s and 1990s. Bimota and MV Agusta are paving the way here, but Moto Guzzi is a sensible player in this segment, since it’s still using the same air/oil-cooled technology that the early superbikes originally ran.

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