Moto Guzzi is rolling out a program called “Sketch Bike.”   It allows you to choose from three custom accessory kits for its V7 III bike.  If the three individual machines aren’t for you, you can choose to create your own from a collection comprised of a custom fuel tank, front and rear fairing, as well as replacement side panels.


stripes moto guzzi

The company from Mandello del Lario, Italy, has already created three unique versions of its V7 III.  The three versions are called Stripes, Black and Red, or Classic Green.  Guzzi says that each of the special editions is “inspired by the made in Mandello del Lario history, sporting heritage, and stylistic tradition.”

black and red moto guzzi

If you’re still not convinced that the three special versions are unique enough, Moto Guzzi has a challenge for you.  They challenge you to “unleash your imagination” and follow your own inspiration.  They do this by offering a custom fuel tank, front and rear fairings, and side panels.

Classic Green moto guzzi

The fuel tank comes unpainted and ready for your own paint design.  The front and rear fairings come in a black finish that you can paint or change to your heart’s content.  Guzzi says that their collection allows you to make your bike “authentic and inimitable.”

Custom parts moto guzzi

If none of the three “special” Moto Guzzi versions are for you, you can order your own parts.

Although there is a “Purchase Information” button on its website, the link doesn’t work correctly.  It only takes you back to the Sketch Bike home page.  So for now, if you want to know more or get pricing, you’ll have to contact your local Moto Guzzi dealer.


All photo credit: Moto Guzzi

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