Fat front tire. Drag bar. Öhlins shocks. Ritzy orange paint.

The new-for-2019 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Sport is the third in the V9 line of bikes that Moto Guzzi first introduced in 2016. And it has the most aggressive styling yet.

Originally came the standard-looking V9 Roamer and the more idiosyncratically-styled V9 Bobber. Both of them are powered by an air-and-oil cooled 853cc transverse v-twin that puts out a claimed 55 hp (41 kW) with a torque curve that’s flat from 2000 rpm on.

The V9s are priced to fall sort-of midway in the Guzzi lineup. At $9,990 for the Roamer and $10,490 for the Bobber, they’re a little bit more costly more than the eight versions of the V7 III, but well below the Griso or heavier cruisers.

Featuring friendly throttle and torque engineering — read; hard to stall — a low center of gravity, low seat height and easy handling, the V9s would appear to be aiming at the same so-called millennial market of first-time riders that other new machines, like the BMW R nineT, are attempting to appeal to. While somewhat heavy (463 lbs/210 kg wet) they carry their mass well and that low center of gravity inspires confidence.

The new Bobber Sport keeps all of those traits but adds a bit of performance and pizzaz. The performance comes in the form of gas-charged Öhlins shocks and a seat height that’s lowered from 31 down to 29.5 inches (78.7 cms down to 74.9 cms.) The pizzaz is more plentiful. There’s a more verbal megaphone exhaust, a drag bar mounted on lowered risers for an even sportier riding posture than on the original “standard” Bobber, and heavy doses of metallic orange paint.

The most distinctive feature of both Bobbers is, of course, that fat 16-inch front tire (same size as the rear.) Depending upon your point of view, it either makes the bike feel more planted or it makes turning-in harder. The drag bar should counteract that to some extent. Adding to the feeling that fashion is an important part of the package, the V9s are designed to be customized and Moto Guzzi offer an extensive selection of factory-made parts.

Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Sport

Two-channel ABS and traction control with wet and dry settings come standard. So does a USB connection for your smartphone. Load the Moto Guzzi Media Platform app on your smartphone and plug into bike’s brain for data like tach, Eco-Ride, Grip-warning and so on. Mount your phone to the bars and you can monitor your ride — until it rains on the phone, of course.

No prices have yet been set for the Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber Sport, which was only unveiled at Guzzi’s Open House in early September.

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