Moto Morini, the Chinese-owned Italian marque, has just revealed two versions of a brand new motorcycle. Dubbed the Seiemmezzo, or “Six and a half,” since the bikes feature a 650cc displacement twin motor.

The manufacturer uses this very same engine in its new Adventure bike, the X-Cape. While that engine hides under a small fairing on the ADV bike, it is placed in nearly full display beneath the gas tank of the Seiemmezzo. Since a jewel needs a fancy setting, the 6 1/2 features a curvy set of exhaust pipes; the only difference between the two powerplants.

The Moto Morini STR, with its bob tail, cast wheels and low bars

The two versions of this new scoot are perfectly predictable if you have been following industry trends. Moto Morini follows Ducati, Triumph and others with a naked, middleweight, friendly little scoot.

The Moto Morini SCR, a dirtier bike with spokes

One, the STR (“Street,” maybe?),  is street-oriented and something of a bobber, with low handlebars and cast wheels. The other, the SCR (“Scrambler,” perhaps?) is a bit dirtier, with a more upright seating, tubeless-capable spoked wheels, a bit more of a rear fender, and the most adorable little half-cafe windshield. In my mind they’re missing out not displaying it with more aggressive knobblies, but maybe that’s just an American kink?

The Numbers

Each sports the same steel tube frame and aluminum swingarm, with 18-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels. An upside-down 43mm Kayaba fork holds the front wheel down. The same brand’s monoshock suspends the rear. Each offers 120mm of travel. Brembo brakes and Bosch ABS slow the bike, with two-pot dual 298mm discs up front and a single 255mm disc out back.

You may remember reading about the X-Cape, but if not, these motorcycles offer the same 60hp and about 40.5 ft-lb of peak torque. As is de rigueur these days, the bikes come with a TFT screen on the dash and offer bluetooth connectivity. They each sit about 440lbs at the curb.

Pricing has not yet been announced, but the Moto Morini website has a placeholder for them. No doubt the information will all be up there soon. Apologies to those who dwell in the United States: there are not currently any dealers here. You’ll have to fly to Europe and rent one.

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