Do you like doodling? Even better, do you like drawing motorcycles? Good news—Moto Mucci has just the sketchbook for you.

Titled I Draw Motorcycles, the sketchbook offers not just paper for drawing, but also a tutorial on motorcycle design basics. As per the Kickstarter advert, “The book is front loaded with a ton of foundational information on motorcycle dynamics so that readers understand the differences between model types. It covers basic anatomy, engine type and configuration, handling dynamics and how to set up a model-specific chassis … From there the book gets into step-by-step tutorials, perspective lessons, wheel drawing techniques and layout fundamentals paired with 100+ templates to sketch over.”

In other words, it’s a how-to and reference guide as much as it is a sketchbook, just the thing if you want to draw out a custom build or sketch out a dream bike.

The sketchbook isn’t cheap. Right now, if you buy one through Kickstarter, you can purchase one for $20 US, shipping included. After production starts, the price goes up to $25 shipped. But while you can buy a cheap notepad for much less money, it won’t come with a handy instructional either. And even if you’ve got no interest in it, maybe you’ve got a moto-curious artist friend who’d appreciate it? Buy one now, and hand it out at Christmastime.

The I Draw Motorcycles fundraiser has already met its goals on Kickstarter, raising more than $25,000, but you can definitely sign up for a donation if you’d like to help the project along. It’s part of a whole series of instructional I Draw notepad series, which includes books teaching manga art, automobile drawing, and other subjects. The notebooks are expected to start shipping in March. Find more details at Kickstarter.


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