Imagine this. You get a late start. And as a result, you are taking major highways to get to where you really want to ride. It’s a traffic-filled, boring ride, but hopefully, soon you’ll be on the roads you really want to be on.

As you drone along, you pass several highway rest areas. The stops are typically designed to cater to cars and trucks. Generally, there’s little to nothing there that a motorcyclist would want or need except perhaps food and fuel.

APRR in France

That is unless you are in France. That’s because the authorities for the APRR  (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône) and its subsidiary AREA have a plan to provide motorcycle-specific amenities on the highways they service. And according to Le Repaire des Motards, more facilities to accommodate motorcyclists are being built.

APRR is France’s second-largest highway concessionaire. It’s their job to make traveling on the highways under their watch more comfortable and pleasurable. They say that 6 percent of their clientele are motorcyclists, and they want to do something to accommodate their needs.

APRR route map with service locations.

APRR Motorcycle Corners

As such, APRR is setting up “motorcycle corners” where supplies and safety equipment are available for motorcycle-related problems. Now, in partnership with motorcycle accessories chain Dafy Moto, rest stop service centers will stock miscellaneous moto supplies, including chain lubricants, visor cleaners, tire repair kits, and gear like rain suits. And the pricing is the same as it is elsewhere from Dafy.

In addition to supplies, services will also be available. Some rest stops will also include separate areas where riders can dry off themselves and their gear after a rainstorm. There will also be free helmet lockers if you’d like to take a more extended rest.

Service Locations

For the time being, the APRR and AREA networks have three areas equipped with motorcycle services on the A6 and A43. Six additional locations will be open by November on the A6, A31, A39, A40, and A43. Two other areas of the A31 will follow soon.

Veronique Tallon, APRR’s Customer Director, said:

We are boosting our service offers free of charge or at the price charged outside the motorway, with a network proportionate to the needs of our customers. Here, together with motorcycle professionals, we provide a complete response expected by bikers. Our goal: to facilitate and accompany their trips in safety, to provide maximum pleasure!”

So while APRR doesn’t offer complete motorcycle services, it’s nice to know that motorcyclists are being seen as a segment that deserves services similar to those offered to cars and trucks.


All photo credit: APRR

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