The world is a crazy place, and if you need more proof, check this out: MotoAmerica has just announced a bagger racing class for July 11 at Laguna Seca.

It’s part of MotoAmerica Superbike Speedfest At Monterey, aka Round 6 of the MotoAmerica roadracing series. Along with the Superbike, Supersport, Junior Cup, Stock 1000, Twins Cup and Heritage Cup series, there’ll be a bunch of baggers on-track. There’s going to be some sort of custom bagger show at the weekend’s racing, and according to the MotoAmerica press release: “The King of the Baggers will crown a champion and the competitors vying for that crown will come from an elite group of V-Twin companies that will be finalized mid-February. Teams will be showcasing their V-Twin Bagger products both on the racetrack and off.

Soooo what will this look like? MotoAmerica promises a sneak peek at the bikes in a few days, but aside from that, there’s tons of questions. The idea of a V-twin racing series is nothing new; Harley-Davidson fielded superbike teams in AMA races, and of course the XR1200 series wasn’t that long ago, and Harley-Davidson has long has a strong flat track presence.

But, in every one of those cases, the machines were kinda-sorta built for racing, especially the XR750 flat tracker. Even the XR1200, much as it was a lump of a machine, was still capable of being set up for going around corners, and it didn’t come with a massive batwing fairing, 600-watt stereo, floorboards, etc. This bagger event could prove disastrous, if a gremlin bell comes off at speed and hits another racer in the face—especially if they’re wearing the standard bagger-issue beanie helmet.

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