Do you ever look in the Vendors section of the Forum?

We have some amazingly innovative inmates who see a gap in the market and put all their efforts and usually a chunk of money into starting a new business with product/s they think fellow inmates would also like.

How many times have you searched the internet for moto-camping gear only to find yourself searching numerous sites, going down a rabbit hole, and NOT finding camping gear that works together in perfect unison with the luggage YOU USE for your planned motorcycle adventure?

Ever wish there was just one site you could use, that understood moto-camping and its unique requirements?

Now there is, Ben Williams started in 2020, he was in that same predicament, struggling to find a great variety of gear in one place. Moto-camping does have its own unique requirements.

The problem with buying gear from a camping or hiking store is they have no idea what Jesse Luggage pannier is and what fits in the lid section, or a Mosko Moto backcountry pannier and what tent fits perfectly in the bottom of it. How about a Giant Loop Coyote, is there a sleeping bag that will fit perfectly in the lower leg section, or how big a tent needs to be to fit you and your gear for a 3-week TAT ride?

What normally happens is, lots of riders buy gear and are dissatisfied and struggle through with their bad decisions or buy and return multiple times without getting gear that ‘really works’ for moto-camping, ultimately costing unnecessary time and expense.

Send a message, email, or call Ben directly, he has all the products you will ever need for your next adventure in front of him.

Stocking a vast array of options from companies like Snugpak, ROK Straps, Sea To Summit, Big Agnes, Wera Tools, Primus, Stanley, UST, and that list is constantly growing.

Bookmark They can tailor make a package to fit YOUR SPECIFIC requirements, so you can spend less time planning and more time adventure riding!

…and if all that isn’t enough, Ben has a lifetime discount code for inmates, use the discount code ‘ADVRIDER’ for 15% off.

The vendor thread is here: Moto Camp Nerd – Motorcycle Camping Gear. More at Instagram @motocampnerd, and Youtube @motocampnerd

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