MotoCAP, one of the most practical moto-safety organizations in the world, has just announced 17 new ratings for its websites, with eight jackets and nine pairs of pants.

This time around, the Oxford Hampton and Rev’It Ignition 3 leather jackets performed well under testing, with four out of five stars for crash safety, and two out of five stars for breathability. On the other side of the spectrum, the Moto One Rider pants had a bad showing with only a half-star safety rating and single star for breathability. The RST GT CE riding pants had the same abysmal rating.

At this point, MotoCAP is starting to put together a decent database of different styles of gear (see Jackets here, Pants here, Gloves here). Some of this gear is rare or unavailable in North America or Europe, because MotoCAP is based in Australia and some of the equipment available there is not sold elsewhere. However, many of these products are available worldwide, and this site now serves as a useful reference as a result.

What does MotoCAP do?

MotoCAP tests gear for safety, but also for breathability. It’s a collaborative effort between several Australian government bodies (road safety commissions, insurance regulators, etc.) and transportation organizations, with actual testing performed at the Deakin University Institute for Frontier Materials.

This is all just for information purposes, with no regulatory authority, but it should serve as a helpful guide to riders looking for the best equipment for their money.

MotoCAP uses donated gear for testing, so it isn’t able to test everything that’s on the market. If you want to see more testing undertaken, or contribute otherwise, or just find out more information, check out

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