In early August, we saw the 40th anniversary of the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, near Waverly, Tennessee. There was plenty of celebration, but not many days later, tragedy struck, with flooding hitting the region. Now, motocross organizers are calling on racers and the rest of the motorcycle industry to help the area recover.

Reports of damage and deaths are still coming out in the aftermath of the flooding over the August 20 weekend, but authorities have confirmed 22 deaths at this point. One of those who died in the flooding is Wayne Spears, foreman at Loretta Lynn’s, who was swept away in the waters. The ranch itself has reportedly seen significant damage. At this point, the extent is unknown.

The @lorettalynnmx account on Instagram posted this statement:

Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, home to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, and the nearby town of Waverly, were devastated on Saturday by flash flooding. The floods were caused by a massive rainstorm that dropped nearly 15 inches of rain in 24 hours, catching the entire community off guard. Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, Hurricane Mills, Waverly and the surrounding area have hosted the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships for 40 years now—the 2021 event took place just a couple of weeks ago. While Loretta Lynn herself and her immediate family are safe, many neighbors—many of whom work at and around the motocross races every year—have lost everything, including loved ones. The images of a flooded Hurricane Mills, an iconic place in amateur motocross, are stunning and sad.

Along with lost family members, there are many other irreversible effects from a tragedy like this. However, in all the disaster, there is a tangible need for practical help. With that in mind, MX Sports (organizers of the Loretta Lynn’s event) are asking motocrossers and the motorcycle industry to join a charitable fundraising program.

The program is called Racers 4 Waverly, and it’s intended to benefit the entire affected community in the area. It will be coordinated through the Road 2 Recovery Foundation, and you can help two ways. Obviously, money is needed, and you can donate at the Road 2 Recovery website (link here). There’s also an option to donate product that Road 2 Recovery can auction off, with proceeds benefiting the community of Waverly. To donate, email or call 619-339-5671.

To apply for assistance, use that same contact: Email or call (619) 339-5671.

Each summer, when the sport of motocross descends upon the small town of Waverly, we’re welcomed as valued guests. This summer, the Racers 4 Waverly motocross community outreach effort gives us all a chance to say ‘thank you!’ to these wonderful folks at a time when meaningful help is most critically needed,” said MX Sports Event Director Tim Cotter in the program’s press release. “Your generous contributions will not only ease the pain and burden on this community but will testify that the motorcycle racing community is organized, grateful and compassionate.

He’s right. Waverly needs help, badly, and now’s the chance for motocross and the motorcycle industry in general to give back to the town that gave 40 years of fun and racing.

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