The resurrected MotoE series is apparently driving more than MotoGP ticket sales.  According to Energica, the company manufacturing all of the MotoE series’ bikes, the MotoE machines are driving road bike technology.

Energica’s Chief Technology Officer Giampiero Testoni was quoted by MCN as saying that MotoE bikes were driving the development of the next generation of electric sports bikes for the road.

According to Testoni:

“Initially the Ego Corsa MotoE bike started out as an Ego road bike that was stripped of its road equipment.  “However, we quickly changed the suspension, chassis, battery, brakes, electronics and in the end the only part that remains the same is the electric motor and the chassis’ geometry.

“The MotoE bike’s battery is both smaller and lighter than the road bike’s but contains almost double the energy due to new cell technology while the electronics are also updated. In a few months of concentrated development on the Ego Corsa we achieved what would have taken us years of road testing.”

Not all of the technology gains are made through Energica’s organic staff.  Testoni said:

“We have 18 of the world’s best riders giving us feedback and we are using this to develop the next generation of Energica road bikes.  We have already developed a new electronic system that exploits the bike’s power better by improving throttle response, torque and mapping.

“We even have a new engine braking button, which racers can use to instantly add extra engine braking to help them slide the bike into bends.” And the technology developed in MotoE could find its way onto our roads as early as next year.

This technology will come back to the Ego road bike and in 2020 we will unveil a completely new platform of electric sportsbike based on the MotoE bike’s technology. We are aiming for a range of 125-miles irrespective of use with similar torque levels to the current bike.

“Recharge time is not an issue, we can already recharge in 25 minutes with the correct infrastructure due to our fast charge technology. But the ultimate goal is not to beat or replace a petrol-powered sportsbike such as a Ducati Panigale, it is to offer an alternative with equivalent performance. Some riders will always want petrol, but a new generation will want electric.”

So the old axiom that racing makes a better street machine is apparently true in this case.  It will interesting to see how racing-derived technology makes it into street bikes in the near future.

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