After months of chaos, we now have a confirmed 2020 MotoGP schedule. Sort of.

MotoGP’s 2020 season fell apart from the very beginning, when riders and teams in the top-tier class were unable to attend the season-opening race in Qatar. Fears over COVID-19 meant national borders were closing; Moto2 and Moto3 races ran at Qatar, as they were already in-country. Since that March 8 weekend, all the MotoGP classes have been sidelined, along with most other international racing events. Series organizers have kicked around various ideas, but it was all speculative, as the people in charge waited to see what happened with the coronavirus pandemic. Carmelo Ezpeleta, the big boss behind Dorna, MotoGP’s parent company, said there might not any racing season at all if there was no COVID-19 vaccine.

Take note: Overseas races, including the Austin GP, are still not confirmed. Photo: MotoGP

Now, we’re starting to see the world re-open for business. Racing is starting up again at the national level, and MotoGP has issued a new schedule. As it stands now, the 2020 series will resume on July 19, at Jerez … and the next weekend, it’s back at Jerez, again. That’s the way the season schedule looks—much of the season is back-to-back race weekends, two consecutive visits to the same track. This minimizes travel, which will reduce costs as well as general coronavirus quarantine headaches.

As well, the entire season is slated to run in Europe, for now. Several key racetracks are missing, both inside and outside Europe, but there are 13 events scheduled, with four more potential races at overseas tracks. MotoGP plans to announce a decision on these races by July 31, but don’t be surprised if MotoGP stays in the EU for 2020. American MotoGP fans might not be making their trip to Austin’s Circuit Of The Americas this year.

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