One of the most practical motorcycle YouTubers has a new app to help riders sharpen their skills.

The new MotoJitsu app is the work of Greg Widmar, aka Fast Eddie. Widmar is the brains behind the MotoJitsu riding skills training channel and book series, and the new app (also called MotoJitsu) continues that work.

If you follow the MotoJitsu riding channel, you basically know what to expect. Widmar bases most of his training around drills, drills, and more drills (hey, he was a Marine Corps drill instructor, so it makes sense). In the early days, he focused a lot on higher-speed canyon-carving tactics; now, he has a lot of slower-speed demonstration work on there. While it may not sound as exciting, the reality is that many, many riders need to work on U-turns and similar basics. The skills you learn practicing the basics are the building blocks of higher-speed work.

For that reason, Widmar’s teaching sort of runs along the same lines as a martial arts program (hence the “Jitsu” in MotoJitsu). Learn the lower-level skills, and then you can progress to higher-level techniques, eventually earning your black belt. The app is set up to promote this training style. As you can see in the demo above, the app lays out the drills logically, without a complicated interface, and allows you to watch the YouTube videos where Widmar shows these demonstrated.

It seems like a more practical way of learning, rather than hauling a book into a parking lot to follow diagrams. Pricing is very reasonable—$2.99 on the iOS App store, or $3.79 via Google Play for Android (pricing may differ depending what market you’re in). If you’re looking for a smart way to master the basics, or even just practice riding skills in a parking lot this spring, after a winter off, this could be a helpful tool.


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