A few months back, I had the opportunity to connect with John Casebeer, founder of Motool. Motool makes this nifty gadget, the Slacker, which allows you to fine-tune your suspension; John offered me to try out the tool for myself, and I readily agreed.

Gadgety Gadgets: Motool Digital Suspension Tuner Review

I’d installed a fully custom TFX Suspension set up on my bike, and while the ability to adjust the suspension as needed – for on-road, off-road, loaded bike, unloaded bike, and so on – I sometimes forget how I set it. Is it too hard? Too soft? Going by feeling is sometimes enough, but for a more accurate preload setting, it’s handy to measure the sag. And that’s precisely what the Slacker does: you attach it to your axle bolt, hook the line to your seat, place the wireless Slacker monitor on your handlebars, and voila – you can now see the sag measurements with the wheel off the ground, with you sitting on the bike, and/or with you plus luggage or passenger on the bike.

Once you’ve got your measurements, you can then easily adjust the spring preload; in my case, I’d set it way too hard because I was traveling, fully loaded, on paved routes, and it wasn’t ideal for riding off-road unloaded. Thanks to the Slacker tool, I was able to figure out that sweet spot that would work best when I take the luggage off and hit the trails.

At a price point of $159, the Slacker isn’t the cheapest option, but if you need to adjust your suspension often, if you sometimes ride with a passenger, or if you own multiple bikes, it’s a great tool to have in your garage. There’s also a free Slacker app available where you can store all your notes and settings on the cloud, making it easier to remember what you did last time – if, like me, you tend to forget which setting you used, this could be a lifesaver.

How often do you tinker with your suspension, and how do you measure the bike’s sag? Let me know in the comments below!

Motool provided ADVrider with two units for the purpose of review. 

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