After my last article on useful motorcycle apps, there was a deluge of comments suggesting other applications that can come in handy on a bike trip. Weather and navigation apps seemed to top the list, but there were also a few great suggestions on  traffic apps, music, accommodation, and just about everything in between – so here are your motorcycle app suggestions that popped up:


It appears that WhatsApp is king, especially traveling in South America and Asia. Facebook Messenger also made the list, whereas Zoom and Skype did not; Skype can be useful if calling overseas to save on phone costs, and Zoom is more relevant than ever now that everyone’s hanging out online.


Weather apps are great to plan your rides, but there are many to choose from. ADV inmates suggested Windy and Weather Channel, whereas I prefer the Meteored Weather 14 Days app that’s fairly accurate.


Maps.Me is a popular choice, as is OsmAnd which is great if you want to upload GPX tracks on your phone. I used OsmAnd in Colombia for both on road and off road riding, and it worked really well (often, better than the Garmin). Goold old Google Maps can do the job, too, and one inmate suggested Here We Go and Locus Map Pro, something I’ll definitely check out.

Traffic and Accommodation

I don’t use traffic apps as Google Maps usually warn of congestions in bigger cities anyway, but if you ride in urban areas a lot, they can be invaluable. iExit came up as an app that informs of services and hotels on interstates; iOverlander got mentioned a few times as a lifesaver when it comes to finding camping spots, hotels, and road information. For accommodation, Booking, AirBnB, and Expedia are all great choices.

What else would you add to the list?

Image: Pixabay



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