I’m a pretty happy camper when it comes to motorcycles.  If it’s got two wheels and it can take you somewhere cool or somewhere you need to go, I’m hooked.  To me, the color of the bike is not so important.

But there’s a motorcycle industry phenomenon that just makes me wonder about who they are trying to attract.  It doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but apparently, the motorcycle industry (and the auto industry as well) think its really important.

What is it that seems so important to them and less likely important to riders?  It’s the names the industry uses for its colors.

Yes, I know the name a manufacturer makes up for its colors is not a big deal.  But it just gets me wondering why and how they continue to choose names for a simple color choice.

If they believe that they need to separate their colors from the competition, I get that.  But what and how they choose to call their colors is somewhat “unusual”.  For some reason, the manufacturers think that they almost always need three or four descriptive words for a single color.

Suzuki Paint Colors

A color pallette for motorcycles. Photo credit: Applied Coatings International

Take for example Honda’s 2020 Gold Wing.  This year you can choose from a white, a red/black combination or a black/grey combination.  Pretty simple eh?  But what does Honda choose to call these colors?  Umm… here you go…

According to Honda, that white Gold Wing is really Pearl Glare White.  Next up is the Red/Black combination and it’s called Candy Ardent Red/Black.  Finally, the black/grey combination comes in the Darkness Black Metallic Grey color.  Hmm…

And, Honda’s not the only one.  Harley-Davidson is right in there as well with Rugged Gold Denim, Bonneville Salt Denim, and Wicked Red Denim.  Suzuki is not far behind with Pearl Nebula Black, Candy Flare Red; and Marble Rio Orange.

The fact is, most moto manufacturers choose these types of names.  So perhaps we should help them out and give them some new names for the white, red, blue, black and grey colors.  Let us know in the comments below.

This should be interesting…


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