I carry a motorcycle cover with me on all my travels short or long. Why wouldn’t you?

I have heard motorcycle covers called the ‘cloak of invisibility,’ and rightly so.

While you are sleeping it just adds that extra little bit of security from prying eyes or possible bike thieves who have no idea what’s underneath. It might be just enough to make them walk by your bike and find one that’s easier to get at.

Yes, of course, they can come and lift the cover and check. I use a heavy duty velcro strap underneath pulled tightly so they’d have to rip the cover or find the velcro in the dark to know what I’m riding.

This of course takes time and hopefully is enough of a deterrent or arouses the attention of a more honest citizen seeing this person struggling to get it off…hoping they don’t come over and help, but scare the would-be thief away.

The motorcycle cover I carry I found on eBay quite a few years back for one penny plus about $7 shipping IIRC. It’s the thin nylon type, not waterproof but packs down to the size of a coke can

But what else is it good for,

  • quick cover from the elements if a bridge isn’t handy and I get caught in torrential rain/ hail storm/ sleet etc. think makeshift bivy between two bikes
  • somewhere clean to sit when stopping for lunch, if the ground isn’t appealing
  • shade doing a tire repair in the summer sun
  • a tire changing mat when there’s rough ground

do you cover, and what else do you use it for in a pinch?

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