Long Way Up came out and it was funny to read how many inmates bitched and moaned about it being on Apple and them not wanting to buy a $5 subscription, that subscription can be canceled at any time by the way…and they do give you a week free if you wanted to binge-watch it.

I think the biggest gripe more than it being on Apple was, it was Ewan and Charley and their massive support crew, and electric bikes.

Personally, I think the comments on here were more entertaining than the show. Having personally ridden in South America five times I was amazed at how much they missed. oh well!

So saying that are there any good motorcycling docs out there that you can relate to more – yes there is!

Here’s a short list all on Amazon Prime, the film title is a link to click, which many of you I’m sure already have a membership so no need to sign up.


First up, Dylan Wickrama, When The Road Ends

This one you have to buy and for $2.99 it’s worth it. One commenter describes it as “An astonishing triumph of stupidity” and that is pretty accurate.

Dylan who had been riding RTW for a few years reached the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia and instead of taking a chartered boat or plane he decides to convert his BMW into a boat and sail to Colombia with eye-opening results


Next, Danial Rintz – Somewhere Else Tomorrow

Danial and his friend take off to ride RTW and as a filmmaker purposely document everything themselves (no film crew), only one problem, they have no money the tale is great and the cinematography is amazing, because of this it has won numerous awards…and it’s free to watch with Prime


Finally, Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs  

If you watched Why We Ride and enjoyed the feel of that movie being more about the people than the bikes, then Sit Stay Ride might be your new favorite especially if you love dogs…and motorcycles and sidecars…even better


There are pages and pages more, 36 of them!

Use this link to see ALL the offerings on Prime – Motorcycle Documentaries


If YouTube is more your thing because you aren’t a Prime member, then these two are worth watching, especially if you are into Baja Racing

Into the Dust – Father and Son decide to race the Baja 1000 as a two-man team


The follow on movie, Into The Dust 2, is when they decide to up the challenge a notch, and ride the Baja 1000 but enter as individuals in the Iron Man Class.

If you aren’t familiar with what that means, you have to ride the whole race yourself, non stop. Neither had ever ridden more than a few hundred miles of dirt in a day ever!

Most ironman riders take in excess of 15 hours, some take more than 24 hours to complete the course.



Have watched anything you feel others might enjoy? Please add them in the comments below and where you watched.




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