Motorcycle languages we all speak is a real thing – just check out these YouTube gems. Recognize yourself in any of them? You’re definitely not alone. Explaining bike issues in bike sounds makes perfect sense to us all, however weird we might sound to non-bike people.

Regardless of where we come from, we all speak bike. Admit it, you’ve tried to tell your buddies about your riding shenanigans in bike sounds on more than one occasion. Or how about explaining the issue you’re having to your mechanic in bike speak? Finally, are you able to tell what bike is passing by without seeing it? This viral video of what motorcycle brand names sound like has been replicated around the world by countless motorcycle fans already:

My Suzuki actually doesn’t sound like that at all, to be honest, since it’s a DR650 and not a sports bike model. Or does it? But that, perhaps, is explained even better in the next video. Apart from motorcycle languages we all speak, there also are different dialects and accents depending on what you ride, how, and where. Do you vroom vroom or do you braap? Here’s what most motocross riders sound like:

Last but not least, this next video is all about Moto GP racers making bike sounds to help their mechanics fix issues. According to these riders, during a race, the noise around the pits is so deafening that it’s impossible to explain things in great detail, so imitating bike sounds comes in handy. On top of that, mechanical support teams are often international, so to make things easier, a motorcycle language works better than English:

Finally, there’s some real motorcycle language talents out there. We’re not sure if this guy actually owns a bike or not, but one thing’s clear: he speaks bike so well he might as well be riding one:

Featured image: Pixabay

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