When it comes to motorcycle luggage, there’s no shortage of choices and options. Soft vs hard, panniers vs rackless systems – it seems luggage manufacturers are coming up with new products every year. And while that’s certainly good news, motorcycle luggage accessories are another story. So far, my favorite piece of a luggage add-on is this old Wolfman fender bag:

Motorcycle Luggage Accessories: Fender Bags //ADV Rider

It came with the bike, and, despite multiple crashes and other misadventures, it has happily lasted for over four years and three continents without so much as a tear. It houses spare tubes and a tiny tube repair kit, and most of the time, I forget it’s even there – until I need that spare tube. It’s simple, it’s functional, and it does the job; I wish more motorcycle luggage companies made fender bags, as it seems that right now, only Wolfman and Giant Loop offer them.

In addition to fender bags, I’d love to see some more rally luggage options. Sure, “rally” and “luggage” in one sentence do sound weird, but the reality is, you need to carry a few basic tools, a snack, and a small first aid kit when racing. Kriega tail bags seem to be the only offering for rally riders; it bolts on instead of requiring straps, which is great in crash and water crossing scenarios, but it would be interesting to see more options out there.

Finally, what about gas bags? So far, I’ve only seen Desert Fox and  Giant Loop’s gas bag on offer. I wonder if Mosko Moto has any plans to incorporate a gas bladder into their molle bag add-on system; having recently switched to a smaller tank, I’d be the first to order a fuel bag that can be attached to the luggage.

What’s your take on motorcycle luggage accessories? What do you use?

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