Six motorcycle manufacturers have joined forces with a vision to increase safety for on-road motorcycle riders in the US.

The six companies, American Honda Motor Company, BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Indian Motorcycle Company, Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA and Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA have formed a 501(c)(6) non-profit entity called the Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium (SMRC).  The SMRC will work to develop strategies aimed at advancing and integrating on-road motorcyclist safety.  The SMRC says they will attempt to accomplish their goals through data-driven research and collaboration with “relevant stakeholders”.

According to SMRC’s press release:

The a Board of Directors appointed by the founding member companies, will coordinate and facilitate pre-competitive research activities in collaboration with the interests of relevant federal agencies.”

Translated, the above means that they will work together and with the US government to increase safety.

The SMRC says as an OEM oriented organization, they will cooperate on pre-competitve research focusing on:

  • The integration of motorcycling into the modern transportation ecosystem.
  • Enhancing and improving infrastructure and operations to advance traffic safety and protect the motorcycle rider and passenger.
  • Improving Human Factor elements that affect motorcyclist safety.

The SMRC also said that they will include input from associate members.  Associate members consist of other OEMs, motorcycle industry suppliers and technical or scientific organizations engaged in the field of on-road motorcycle safety.

For more info, you can go to the SMRC’s website.

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