Every scientific study ever done about motorcycle safety says those of us who take formal training are safer on the road. It follows, then, that states and municipalities that offer former motorcycle training turn out safer motorcyclists. Ohio is putting their money where their figurative mouth is on this one.

In a move that’s sure to protect more than a few lives on the road, Motorcycle Ohio has just announced a $2.5 million funding initiative. This money will go toward rider training programs in the state.

Motorcycle Ohio is a division of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Not only do they provide formal rider training, but they also support rider education, licensing improvement and public information campaigns. All in all, they’re about supporting motorcyclists.

Michele Piko, the State Program Coordinator for Motorcycle Ohio, says “In addition to wearing the proper gear, comprehensive motorcycle rider training is crucial for new and experienced riders to safely navigate Ohio’s roadways. This funding will ensure programs offer certified training to build and enhance riders’ skills.”

What’s the Cost?

Has a friend or family member in Ohio been thinking about taking a riding class? This funding means the course they take will cost only $50 (yes, fifty dollars). Further assistance with that fee is also available.

Not only that, but there are reimbursements and discounts available on the Motorcycle Ohio website as well. Several manufacturers, clubs, and local dealerships offer discounts on the purchase price of a motorcycle with proof of course completion. Several of them are for quite a lot more than $50. This means that in some situations, the manufacturer will pay you to take the rider’s course.

Now if only we can talk the rest of the states into offering better motorcycle training. What training options are available to you in your state, and what does a BRC cost?

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