Motorcycle racing is intense stuff.  But most of us will never have the opportunity to take to the track on a race-prepped superbike.  If we do get that chance, explaining the experience to others can be difficult.  Non-riders or riders with no track time may have some difficulty understanding how it feels to go this fast at a place where the idea is to go as fast as you can.  A 360-degree view camera can help relay the experience.

360-degree view

There is lots of racing video out there, but most face either a straight-ahead or to the rear.  But 360-degree cameras are becoming more commonplace.  And, racer Peter Hickman and photographer Amanda Leeming strapped one onto Hickman’s superbike for a practice session at Round 6 of the British Superbike Championship.

As Hickman circulates around the circuit, the camera rotates and provides many different views.  It can be a bit dizzying, but it provides a more realistic track experience, especially for non-riders.  You can see the rider moving around on the machine and the bike moving under him.

The quality of the footage is excellent with no breaking up, sunlight flashes, or blurring (note: it is a bit blurry as the tech rolls the bike out of the garage, but clears up tremendously once he steps away from the bike).  The video is especially fun exiting turns as the camera pans at the corner exit and track ahead.

So if you have some friends who don’t understand what thrills motorcycle racing (or motorcycles in general) provide, this video will help them understand.   I’ve spent my fair share of time on the track (eons ago), and I think this video helps provide a perspective that many people will never have.  Enjoy and pass it on to your non-riding friends.

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