Rider training is a sure way to improve your motorcycle skills, but what if you can’t ride bikes for whatever reason (winter, broken bike, between bikes)? There are a number of ways you can improve your skills by cross-training with a different sport. Cross-training is commonly used by athletes because it develops different muscles and improves agility and balance.


Balancing well on a surfboard will help you balance well on a motorcycle. Learning to stand up on a board and catch a wave can boost your motorcycle skills in all sorts of unexpected ways – whenever you find yourself skidding along a muddy trail or flying into a sketchy corner too fast, you’ll be able to just ride it out like a boss.

Mountain biking

Endurance is another big one when it comes to motorcycle skills, especially off-road, especially long-distance. Hop on a mountain bike and do some work – it will boost your stamina and make you a better rider. Downhill mountain biking will also help with fast riding skills, picking a good line, and probably jumps. e-Mountain Bikes are very popular right and make daunting trips up the side of mountains easier for those of us who are not as fit. They still give you a good workout and the downhill part of mountain biking is the same, electric or not.

Horse Riding

Riding motorcycles is all about balance, and horse riding can teach you a thing or two about staying centered. Because horses can sometimes be much less cooperative than bikes, you’ll also learn to react quickly, stay in the saddle no matter what, or, worst case scenario, tuck and roll beautifully. If you’re new to horse riding, start with simple lessons. If you already ride, go on an English fox hunt, or try showjumping or cross-country riding. Wheelies will seem mellow after you tackle some fences on horseback!

motorcycle skills


Being zen is good for your soul – but also your motorcycling. Riding a bike requires sharp focus, and meditation is wonderful in helping you calm the monkey brain, gain clarity, and stay alert. Bonus: it can be done anywhere, anytime, and costs absolutely nothing.

Motorcycle Skills: The Roundabout Way

Images: Pixabay; featured image: Egle

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