With international travel restrictions still in place and regional travel often questionable, it seems a motorcycle staycation is the only way to keep sane during the pandemic. However, aside from exploring some local trails, what else can we do to spice up the daily rides or weekend BDR expeditions? Here’s what riders stuck under lockdown are doing to survive the lockdowns:

Test Riding New Bikes

If your local dealership is still open, why not go out and test ride some new bikes? We’ve all been wanting to get our paws on the new Tenere 700 for a while now, and this could be the perfect time to do it. Or how about an electric ride? Call up your dealer and see if they offer test rides, pick your new bike up, and enjoy. It may not be a full-blown adventure, but it makes for a decent motorcycle staycation activity.


If there’s one thing you can never have too much of, it’s rider training. Dirt, motocross, trials, enduro, track – any new skill is going to come in handy when you set out on a long-distance ride or simply go back to enjoying your local trails. If there are no rider training schools near you, check out some YouTube videos and practice on your own, even if it’s just balancing on your bike in your back yard: any saddle time is a good time.

Testing Camping Gear

As riders, we always try to go smaller and lighter when it comes to luggage, especially our camping gear. If you’ve always wanted to see if you could switch to a hammock or a bivy bag instead of a full tent, sleeping bag,  and sleeping mattress set up, now might be a good chance to test the theory and spend a couple of nights camping on your own property or the nearest campsite available with the gear you’re considering for future travels.

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