There’s some “good” news about motorcycle theft in the US.  Well as much as there can be good news about motorcycle thefts.  According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), total motorcycle thefts were down approximately 6%.

Total theft

Ultimately, a total of 41,674 motorcycles were reported stolen.  This compares to 44,268 motorcycles reported stolen in 2017.  US motorcycle thefts have been steadily dropping since 2016 and 2018 continues that trend.

Theft breakdown by state

The NICB also published data about which states and cities had the highest incidence of thefts.  The state of California led the way with 7,035, followed by Florida, Texas, New York and South Carolina.  Unfortunately, the NICB didn’t adjust the figures for total registrations, so it’s difficult to determine the actual theft rate each state has.

Motorcycle theft by state

Motorcycle thefts by state.

Breakdown by city

The cities that had the highest theft rate are, as you might expect, larger urban areas.  New York City had the most, followed by Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and, San Diego.  Once again, the NICB only provided the total number of thefts so we can’t tell what the theft rate is.  New York City with the most thefts saw thefts increase by 34%.  But the next highest theft city, Los Angeles, actually saw thefts decrease by 25%.

Motorcycle Theft By City

Motorcycle thefts by city.

Breakdown by make

If you are wondering what types of bikes were stolen most, the NICB identified the most stolen bikes by their make.  Unfortunately, they didn’t break out their stats by model.  The most stolen make of motorcycle was Honda, followed by Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle Theft By Make

Motorcycle theft by their make.

Motorcycle recoveries

Recovery of stolen motorcycles was down in 2018.  The NICB used an 18-month window from January 1, 2018, to June 13, 2019, and determined that 44% of stolen motorcycles had been recovered during that period.  California had the most recoveries of all, followed by Florida, Texas South Carolina, and Colorado.

So while the NICB’s stats may not have the detail that we might like, the takeaway is that thefts are down and that is good news.


All images credit: NICB

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