If you are the type of rider that really doesn’t understand how motorcycles operate and simply turn the throttle, read on.  However, if you are somewhat mechanically astute, you can move on to the next article.  That is unless you would enjoy some light-hearted ‘splanin’.  So if you’re still reading this, you may want to spend less than 7 minutes of your life to get the 100,000-foot level explanation of how motorcycles work.

The explanation comes from Ryan at Fort9.  Ryan’s videos are quite well known and often excellent.  In this video, he provides a rather high-level but interesting stop-action video of what makes your spinning things spin, bouncing things bounce, and rolling things stop—all in under 7 minutes.

Using a combination of stop action and tongue-in-cheek narration, Ryan shows you several major motorcycle components.  And then, he explains how they work.  It’s all done quite well, and even if you are knowledgeable about motorcycles and how they work, you might still enjoy this video.

Using the stop action, Ryan removes parts of the motorcycle.  Then he gives you a 10-second explanation of how it works and its function.  If you listen closely, you may hear a few puns.  And a few curse words as well.

So although the video is not rated “G”, it’s well-produced and actually quite a bit of fun to watch.  If you have a friend who may be interested in motorcycles, you might want to send them a link to watch the video.  They might learn something.

So if you’ve got seven minutes of your life to spare, take a gander at the video.  Once you’ve watched it, tell everyone what you think.  Was it worthwhile?  Did you enjoy it, or did you waste seven minutes of your life?


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