Saying that smartphones and social media have changed this world is quite an understatement.

The power of mass media has created hundreds and hundreds of new content creators who, now that they’re getting paid for their material, have also become directly dependent on their social exposure.

It’s nowadays not so odd to hear somebody saying “I am an influencer,” even in the motorcycling world. There are several results from this new phenomenon. Some are good and some are clearly not so good.

A good one is certainly that, thanks to social media, we can now share information and knowledge much more quickly than before; it’s also easy to communicate with people who share the same passion, the same problems, the same drive to do things a certain way.

But there’s also a bad side to it; being that this a new way to (apparently) generate quick money, it naturally attracts all sort of individuals, some of them with bad intentions.

What we tend to forget is that, like all sectors of the entertainment industry, the ‘job’ of influencer is to create a show, a story, a product you could say, which people could find appealing and can relate to. It is clear that thanks to Instagram, some people became “instafamous” and are now living off the revenues generated by promoting products and brands through their pages.

It’s also true that, like any other forms of entertainment, Inluencing doesn’t represent the truth, or reality.

As the rise of individualism spreads through the web too, the importance of the message becomes more relevant. We can all say something; we all have a voice now. And because of this, we also have responsibility for what we say.

The risk is also out there for Influencers themselves, which end up depending too much on the content they create.

The content that gets generated, once your instafame kicks in, cannot be 100% authentic anymore. Once a person’s fame becomes the reason for his/her income through social media, life becomes oriented around the number of people liking and following the content created. Y9ur life becomes your job.

Instagram is a great source of information and entertainment for everybody including motorcyclists. But the influencers with lots of followers, who are the most likely to be approached by companies to promote their products, are also exposed to losing track of what they are doing and getting sucked into the instafame world.

That’s not good for anyone.

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