With almost 77,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say @meta has a bit of a following, and it has everything to do with motorcycle riding – and nothing to do with social media gazillionaire Mark Zuckerberg.

Except that, of course, Zuck owns Instagram, and just rolled out a “meta” name change for his fiefdom.

And while Zuckerberg and his executive team could have easily either bought the “meta” Instagram account from Colorado-based @meta and let the owners retire to a financial moto heaven, or just commandeered it through some EULA codicil that the @meta folks likely never read before clicking “Agree,” it would seem Facebook’s PR folks knew they were looking at a possible PR disaster in the making and just let @meta keep on being moto-themed @meta.

Smart move, especially in light of Facebook having locked down meta.com and “meta” nameplates at Twitter and elsewhere. Instead, they went with @wearemeta on Instagram.

In case you were wondering, Facebook isn’t about to become “Metabook” or some such; the meta “name change” (technically: Meta Platforms) will function as an umbrella for Facebook’s many business holdings, which include Facebook, photo and social media juggernaut Instagram, message app WhatsApp, virtual reality headset maker Oculus and about 90 (no joke) other business concerns. It has also now completely ruined the already cliché phrase “that’s SO meta.”

Meanwhile, if you can pry yourself away from the ADVrider Facebook page and Instagram black holes, you should check out the many cool photos and videos of off-road and aerial shenanigans at the @meta Insta page, which is a feeder for the excellent Meta website. Be sure and check out Ben Giese’s very cool video about the racing history of Castle Rock, Colorado, including him rolling around on a sweet vintage Triumph scrambler. It’s actually worth your time.




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