It’s one of those nightmare scenarios.  You’re sitting at a stoplight or riding along, and someone rear-ends you.  If you are fortunate, you’re uninjured.  If you’re not, the consequences can mean death.

In cases like this, we hope that a driver who hits a motorcyclist will stop.  But that’s not the case all the time, and in California, a hit and run driver took running to the extreme.

In this instance, the motorcyclist was not at a stoplight but was riding on the freeway when he was rear-ended.  Amazingly, the rider, Chain Arunritthirot was not seriously injured.    He said that the crash happened so quickly that he didn’t know what hit him after he landed 200 feet away in the middle of the Riverside freeway.

The aftermath of the crash was captured on camera by Natalie Duran and Will Ross, who saw a minivan approaching from behind with sparks being thrown behind it.  At the front of the vehicle was Arunritthirot’s Honda CBR wedged into its front bumper.

According to new station KCAL 9, the minivan’s alleged driver,  25-year old George Valentin, has since been arrested.  The minivan was discovered later after having crashed into a fence.  KCAL 9 says that Valentin subsequently admitted to being the driver at the wheel of the van.

If anything, this video is a stark reminder that you must always remain aware of your surroundings.  Be super vigilant while riding anywhere.

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