The family of an Illinois motorcycle rider killed after crashing on lawn clipping is reaching out for a tougher law that addresses people depositing debris into a roadway.  The request follows the death of Cheryl Zeglan who crashed her motorcycle after riding through lawn clippings blown onto a roadway.

The family of Ms. Zeglan had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the defendant Jay Pankey.  Pankey had blown lawn clippings and debris onto a 2 lane highway for between 1/8th to 1/4 of a mile.

He was found guilty after trial and the court ordered six months supervision and fines/court costs of $482.  And now, the Zeglan family wants more “meaningful” penalties in cases like these.

They are now asking for “Cheryl’s Law”.  It focuses on penalties greater than those available in Illinois under the Litter Control Act.  Their petition asks for harsher penalties against those who deposit clippings or debris onto a roadway that causes a crash with serious injury or death of a motorcyclist.  Specifically, they seek a law that increases the penalty to a Class 4 felony with potential jail time of 1 – 4 years.

There is plenty of discussion on the issue.  Some people think riders should have enough training and experience to deal with the debris.  Other people believe the debris is a dangerous road hazard.

Clearly, this is a sad and unfortunate story.  What do you think of the Zeglan family’s request for a tougher law in instances like these?  Is it appropriate?  Is it too much or too little?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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