A Florida man has been arrested a second time for impersonating a police officer.  According to the Orange County Sheriffs Office, Jeremy Dewitte owns a company called Metro-State Special Services.  Metro-State operates a vehicle escort service using motorcycles and automobiles equipped with purple and amber flashing lights and sirens.  Metro-State’s motorcycles and SUVs look very similar to authorized police vehicles.

Two arrests

Dewitte’s first arrest was in September of this year while escorting a funeral.  Police stopped Dewitte and he allegedly became argumentative.  These actions led to his arrest and the seizure of the “body camera” that he was wearing.  That camera allegedly took the video you see here.

Florida man arrested for impersonating officer again, claims he’s being unfairly targeted

Video evidence

Dewitte’s second arrest occurs after police viewed the seized video.  The video shows a rider riding in an irresponsible manner.  The rider is illegally passing and weaving across double yellow lines at a high rate of speed.  You can hear the motorcycle’s siren blaring in the background.

In a different part of the video, two motorcycles and an automobile allegedly illegally stopped traffic on Interstate 95 to allow a group of Corvettes unfettered access to the highway.

Other parts of the video show Dewitte allegedly stopping an off duty deputy sheriff.  Dewitte claims he did so because the sheriff tried to run him over.

Improperly targeted by police?

Dewitte says police are unfairly targeting him.  He claims that he has been running his escort business without any trouble in the past.  But a local news station found that Metro-State has numerous police contacts, a history of violations and a crash dating back to 2014.

In addition, Dewitte is no stranger to law enforcement.  He is a felon and registered sex offender in the state of Florida.  While his offender status doesn’t have any bearing on the alleged violations, could Dewitte’s suggestion that police are improperly targeting him be due to his background?

If you would like additional information on Dewitte’s arrest WKRG news has several stories covering these events.

What do you think of the video and do you think the police have improperly singled out Dewitte for enforcement?  Do you think his company provides a legitimate service within the bounds of the law?  Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image credit: WKRG News

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