The latest Backcountry Discovery Route, through the northeast states, is about to be unveiled. Now, you can sign up to be on the first official ride-through tour of the new BDR, led by MotoVermont.

According to its website, “Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®) is a non-profit organization that creates off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel.” The organization is constantly working on free GPS tracks for the adventure riding community, with a new route published every year since 2010. The routes aren’t just a collection of roads and trails that are ideal for motorcyclists; they’re also designed to bring tourism and economic relief to rural communities, and help off-road riders keep their access to prime territory. All in all, an excellent set of goals, and the routes have been extremely popular since they’ve been introduced.

Although the first BDRs tended to be in western states, the organization has been working on eastern routes for the past couple of years. The eastern work started with the Mid Atlantic BDR (which sort of heads through the Appalachians to Pennsylvania) and are now moving to the North East route (which heads through New England to the Canadian border).

The route hasn’t been officially revealed in its entirety yet (that happens next month), but when it’s open, the crew at MotoVermont will lead the first ride-through tour.

Based in Vermont, as the name implies, MotoVermont has been offering rentals and tours through dirt roads and trails in New England for years, and has worked with BDR to put this North East route together. For this first tour of the new route, here’s what you can expect:

The route is absolutely beautiful and takes in some very challenging terrain; Mud, rocky ascents, ruts, logs and water crossings are all present.  History will surround us as we travel roads and trails originally built by early European settlers and in some cases first-nation tribes.  These pathways lead to villages rich in history and old world culture; cheese shops, general stores, cideries and other artisanal crafts and goods are plentiful and delight the senses – especially after a challenging trail!

Sounds like good living.

Starting in Delaware County, New York, the MotoVermont tour will have three guides (two on bikes, one on a chase vehicle with gear, tools, etc.). The plan is to have nine guests along, although the tour may split up at times if guests with to bypass certain sections. The tour will last nine days (with eight nights of lodging, and dinner provided six nights).

Cost for the tour will be $3750 for double occupancy, $4250 for single occupancy. Find more details at MotoVermont’s website.


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