As a kid, Rick Atkin, the Managing Director at MOTOZ, loved riding his Suzuki RM250.  But his family was not wealthy, so he rode his tire down to the fabric.  One day his father looked at the bike and told him he needed to get new tires.

The only tires he could afford were some inexpensive Nittos.  Rick told me how he was blown away by the difference the tire made to his riding and his enjoyment.  Thus began his fascination with tires.

Rick started MOTOZ tire in 2006 and has been experimenting with tires ever since.  Rick is constantly examining and developing rubber compounds and tire carcasses.  To keep MOTOZ tires priced reasonably, his tires are produced in Thailand by a small family-owned business that has been manufacturing tires for over 40 years.  However, Rick is the driving force behind MOTOZ’s tire development.

Over the years, MOTOZ has focused on improving its tires.  Rick says the key to improving is listening to his customers’ feedback whether it is good or bad.  With hard work, MOTOZ has gained a good sized following for tires having good traction and long wear.

Fast forward to today.  So what’s new? In response to their customers’ inputs, MOTOZ is working on increasing the stability of its Tractionator front tire.  A revised version is coming, and he will keep working on it until riders tell him its the best.

Depending on  your intended riding, MOTOZ has varying Tractionator models to fit your needs:

More information on the intended use and durability for each tire model can be found on the MOTOZ website.

There are very few constants in motorcycle tires and tire life is often related to the conditions the tire will be subjected to.  MOTOZ’s website specifically tells you what the tire is meant to do and identifies the trade-offs in producing a tire for a certain condition.  In my mind, that is refreshing and helpful.  Everything isn’t perfect in all conditions and MOTOZ tells you when compromises have to be made.

Coming next year, Rick shared that the “Tractionator Rally” will be rolled out (no pun intended). Its main purpose will be for off-road use and it will be their most aggressive to date while maintaining stability. From my standpoint, it’s great to hear how a tire company listens to customer feedback and subsequently transitions it into reality.


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