The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is best known for its Basic Rider, Street Strategy, and Street Rider courses.  Some of those courses give a rider the opportunity to obtain a licensing test waiver after successful completion.

But now, the MSF is preparing to release a new course tailored around the needs of adventure riders.  Although the date is not yet firm, we spoke to members of the MSF team at AIMExpo who said that a new course is coming.  The new curriculum has not yet been finalized or released.  But will be tailored to train riders with the skills that adventure riding brings.


The MSF will soon be adding an adventure riding oriented course to its already significant curriculum.

When we spoke to MSF last year’s AIMExpo, they were rather tight-lipped.  They would not confirm that they were working on a course tailored to the needs of the adventure riding community.  However, this year they are willing to say that the course is coming and perhaps as soon as a couple of months.

That’s great news, but will potentially be too late in the season for northern US adventure riders.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any more details about what will be in the course.  But we will be sure to follow up in the not too distant future to see what the MSF has up its adventure riding sleeve.


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