The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has released a series of videos called “Ride Along With Dr. Ray”.  Created to enhance rider safety, the videos deal with situations that motorcyclists see almost every day.

Doctor Ray Ochs, MSF’s Vice President of Traning Systems created the new series.  Dr. Ochs is the MSF’s primary curriculum developer.  He has designed several courses from MSF’s Basic Rider Course to its Street Rider Course for already licensed motorcyclists.

A primary consideration in all MSF courses is that judgment and perceptual acuity is just as important as maneuvering skills.  The MSF says that refining and using mental skills properly can help riders relying on physical skills to safely navigate through traffic.  Using the Search/Evaluate/Execute (SEE) strategy gives riders an efficient means to avoid and react to traffic situations that may arise.

The new “Ride Along With Dr. Ray” video series is a supplement to the MSF’s hands-on practical and more readily illustrates the SEE strategy.  Visual information is key to the SEE strategy.  Riders that use the SEE strategy use their brain to direct their eyes what to look for.    Therefore, riders are better able to decide if and how to maneuver to avoid a potential hazard.

The video series was filmed in Southern California but it’s lessons apply anywhere.  Traffic and infrastructure present challenges to riding and MSF believes that by better honing their SEE and physical skills, the safer rider they will be.

You can find the Ride Along With Dr. Ray video series on MSF’s website.


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