Let’s face it.  Not being able to ride, or even get out of the house really stinks.  So after you’ve watched and played million videos and games, read the news and all the doom and gloom, perhaps it’s time for something a little more motorcycle related?  It’s never a bad idea to get more motorcycle training, and now we have the time to do it, right?

So if we’re not going to be able to get out on our machines and ride, how are we going to get some useful training?  It turns out that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has some pretty good resources to help keep your riding skills and awareness fresh.

Rider perception

There are all sorts of materials, like RidercourseSM materials, safety booklets, and riding safety videos.  One of those resources is an online rider perception test.  And frankly, because quick and accurate observation is essential in motorcycling, the quiz is timed so they can be challenging.

The quizzes test a rider’s situational awareness and perception.  To score well, you have to pay attention and respond quickly.  In each test, you observe a picture with a visual scenario.  The images are of a scene that you may likely encounter during a daily ride.  You only get to see the picture for a brief time.  After a preset time, the image goes away, and you must answer a multiple-choice question.

Landing page MSF Rider Perception Challenge

You’ll see this landing page when you take the MSF’s Rider Perception Challenge. Image credit: MSF

You have to concentrate because the scenarios aren’t in front of you for long.  It’s just like the real street riding world.  If you desire, you can manually set the time allotted to see each picture during the test.  Even at the slow setting, you are not given much time to take in what’s in front of you.

Roadsign and collision awareness

One quiz tests your road sign awareness while the second tests your collision awareness.  Both tests can be found here.  They are actually fun, and they make you think about the choices you have to make as you ride.  I think it’s a good learning experience, and even if it weren’t, it is an excellent way to stave off boredom for a while.

So go ahead, give it a go and let us know what you think of the tests in the comments below.




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