We, Mike / @Ride2ADV and I, live in Vermont on a long dirt road so both my and Mike’s bikes are often a mess.  Introduce any kind of precipitation and the road and your bike becomes sloppy.

Simply driving up the side of the mountain here leaves the bikes thoroughly covered in dirt and the binder that the highway department uses to manage the road surface.  Let’s just say that cleaning your bike here is not just a rinse with a hose event.

Snow Foam

The crud on my bike after a single ride up the mountain in the rain.

So I was interested when UK based Muc-Off offered to send us some of their Snow Foam cleaner.  I had never heard of Snow Foam and if it makes my life easier (and my bike cleaner) then it’s worth a try!

Muc-Off says that Snow Foam is the result of in-house research by their own detailing experts.  According to Muc-Off’s literature, Snow Foam reduces the possibility of damage to paint by breaking down dirt and road film.  They also say that Snow Foam is pH neutral, and biodegradable.

Snow Foam

We’ll see if Snow Foam works getting this crud off my bike.

While this sounds interesting, I’m looking forward to giving Snow Foam a try for a review.  Once I’ve used it, I’ll let you know how well it performed.  I made no promises to Muc-Off nor did they ask me to give them any for the review.

Look for it in a couple of weeks.


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