Whether listening to music while riding is completely safe or not is still up for debate. However, with more and more helmet intercom companies also offering options to listen to music while on the road, whether, via radio or Bluetooth, I’m betting most of us enjoy music while riding. I certainly do – so much so that in addition to my Sena headset, I always carry earphones as well. Just in case, you know?

Our music tastes probably differ as much as our bikes or riding styles, but I’m curious if you enjoy listening to tunes as you ride, and if you do, what’s the best music for the road and what’s on your Spotify heavy rotation?

On Road: Wake Up

For me, riding on pavement means I get to think about things other than the riding itself, so I like to choose songs with actual lyrics – especially when they involve a little bit of healthy Weltschmerz, like Arcade Fire. Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack and David Bowie are also on the list, as well as some songs from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack.

On Road with Off Road Tires

When you’re traveling and feeling kind of cool: Barns Courtney, hands down. LP, if the road is following a coastal route. If I have to get somewhere fast, “Greenback Boogie” from the soundratck of Suits.

Off Road

Riding off road, for me, requires something non-melancholy. If it’s a rally, I’ll listen to the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean, especially if it’s day five or six and I’m hurting and needing a morale boost. Olly Anna if it’s hillclimbs and single track I haven’t done before; Folk Uke, if all fails, and “Wicked Ones” by Dorothy if all goes well.

What music do you listen to while on the road?

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