The MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR sees an overhaul for 2022, but it doesn’t look terribly different. Most of the changes are related to European emissions laws, with some re-jigging of the bike’s electronics.

With the Euro5 regime upon us, MV Agusta had to tighten up the bike’s emissions. To that end, we see the four-cylinder engine get revisions that make it more efficient (DLC-coated tappets, sintered valve guides). The bike has new primary drive gearing that reduces friction.  MV Agusta also bolted on a new exhaust, and changed the cam profiles. The result is unchanged peak output (208ish horsepower at the crank, the factory claims), while beefing up the bike’s mid-range.

Photo: MV Agusta

The factory also beefed up the bike’s transmission, including the third-generation EAS 3.0 electronic gearbox (which offers more precise shifting this year, MV Agusta says).

MV Agusta now uses Continental electronics to power the leaning ABS, not Bosch (a change we’re starting to see with other machines, too—looks like Continental is prepping to move past the world of tires into safety electronics). The TFT screen changes slightly; it’s a 5.5-inch unit with integrated GPS and Mobisat tracking function. Of course, it’s Bluetooth-integrated, allowing you to connect your phone via the MV Ride app. There’s an optional TPMS as well, letting you know if your tires are slack.

As for pricing: We have not seen any announcement of availability or MSRP for North American customers yet, but it’s hard to imagine it coming in under $40,000 in the US, as the current machine sells for 32,000 euros. That will buy you an awful lot of machine from Japan, or even a European competitor … MV hasn’t listed the price yet though, so maybe it will be more reasonable.

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