Along with the 900-class ADV it just announced, MV Agusta also released the Lucky Explorer 5.5 today, at EICMA in Milan. It’s the same basic idea, a bold excursion into adventure bike territory for MV Agusta, but this machine is aimed a different customer. This is the first MV Agusta with a parallel twin engine, keeping the price down.

MV’s press release says this bike was “developed in close collaboration with our partner QJ.” MV Agusta’s relationship with China-based QJ Motors has been going on a while, and this is the most visible result of that relationship, as the bike’s engine seems to be used elsewhere in QJ’s lineup.

It’s not a stickered-up, el cheapo made-in-China crapbike, though. Some other manufacturers are happy to slap their name on low-end bikes for the Asian market, but MV Agusta says this is “a truly advanced model” aimed at European riders, with “a wide spectrum of use.” Perhaps it sees the 5.5 in the same space as Benelli’s TRX502, which is an aspirational bike in Asia, but a middleweight/beginner machine in the EU.

MV says the bike comes with an electronics package, but doesn’t specify what that means (just guessing; ABS and traction control). The liquid-cooled parallel twin engine comes with DOHC top end, 550 cc displacment (70.5 mm bore, 71 mm stroke), and appears to be a refined version of QJ’s motor.

And, that’s pretty much all we know—there’s no mention of horsepower, weight, accessories, arrival date or MSRP in MV Agusta’s press release. We’d expect all that info in coming months, though; until then, we’ll have to be happy with the photos we’ve been sent. Check out that LED headlight—MV Agusta is very keen to draw a line to its history with the Cagiva brand, and that headlight is supposed to recall the Elefant’s look!

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