Want to buy an MV Agusta superbike? Soon, you’ll be able to do so by shopping online, sort of.

MV Agusta has been a company in the middle of tremendous upheaval in recent years, especially since the early 2000s. For a few years, MV Agusta passed between several hands, including ownership by Harley-Davidson at one point. After the Castiglioni family re-acquired the company in 2010, the money troubles continued. Mercedes-AMG purchased a 25 per cent stake in the business in 2014. That didn’t end the problems, and other more mysterious investors started pumping money into the company. Right now, MV Agusta appears to mostly be controlled by a financial consortium called the Black Ocean Group, which is said to represent Russian billionaires.

As well as big-picture money problems, MV Agusta has also seen some upheaval with its distributors; currently, North America sees MV Agusta distributed by the same company that originally handled it in Australia, the Urban Moto Group.

The financial instability has leveled off now, but MV Agusta is in a jam. It’s not got the resources to launch a broad range of new motorcycles, and it’s already developed its three-cylinder and four-cylinder lines to the end of the road, basically. So, the company’s leaders have said they’re working on plans for new machines, but in the meantime, they’ve got to find other ways to keep in business.

One of those tactics is a team-up with Loncin, announced a few weeks back. This will see MV Agusta-designed bikes manufactured in China, building the brand’s sales and reputation in other markets.

Another tactic that was recently announced is a move to online pre-ordering for all its models.

MV Agusta isn’t the first manufacturer to try selling bikes online; Beta has a similar website in some markets, and other OEMs have tinkered with this formula over the years. MV Agusta has had pre-ordering available for some of its models before, but only special-edition bikes available in limited numbers. Now, all MV Agustas will be available for pre-order, with sales finalized at a local dealership.

It might not sound like a huge leap, but it helps MV Agusta bystep one of its biggest problems: production numbers. This will allow MV Agusta to more accurately match the number of motorcycles built and shipped, instead of having unsold stock languishing in dealerships. This is especially important as the gap between MV Agusta’s payment of its suppliers and the receipt of its payment for its motorcycles has been a major problem in recent months. And considering how many MV Agustas are sold solely on looks, an online sales plan does make sense. You can bet the rest of the industry is watching closely, to see how they can adapt this plan for themselves.

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